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29th November 2021
Remedy Adds New Control & Alan Wake Items To Store
[Coffee, Mug, T-Shirt, and Posters]

Ahead of the weekend, Remedy introduced a number of new items to their official online store including an Oh Deer Diner mug, Bright Falls Blend coffee, FBC posters, and a Director Faden t-shirt. 

Longtime Alan Wake fans may remember Remedy's April Fools Day joke from three years ago in which Sam Lake (Creative Director at the studio) revealed the company's new direction into coffee production. The teaser later revealed their debut product, Cauldron Lake Blend, which in the closing scene warns may contain traces of Dark Presence and nuts. Turns out that reality isn't too dissimilar as over the weekend Bright Falls Blend went online, and it does actually contain nuts! Packaged locally by Helsingin Kahvipaahtimol, the Bright Falls Blend (250g) is full bean, dark roast "a classic blend of dark chocolate and almond" and includes the quote "don't blame us when you fall in love". Alongside the coffee, Remedy also introduced the Oh Deer Diner coffee mug featuring the iconic logo of your favourite local coffee dealer. 

For you Control fans out there, Remedy have uploaded three new items! First up there are recreations of two vintage posters that you would have seen dotted around various parts of the Federal Buereu of Control. These posters warn your coworkers "is that a stapler or an Altered Item", and "delays caused by house shifts do not count towards overtime".Both posters are printed on 170g silk coated paper, measuring 70x50cm. If you're looking at purchasing one, you are warned that they currently have limited quantity available in stock. Finally, there is the Director Faden t-shirt, mirroring a design produced internally for the developers. The limited edition vintage wash shirt is printed with Jesse's portrait inside a black triangle, with the words "discover a world unknown" on the back. 

New Additions To The Remedy Store:


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