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18th November 2021
Max Payne Series Becomes Backwards Compatible As Xbox Celebrates 20 Years

This week, Xbox celebrated their twentieth anniversary with a thirty-minute broadcast packed with retrospectives, announcements, and teasers. One of the biggest stories to come from the Twitch stream was that seventy-six games will be joining the Backwards Compatibility programme with the milestone, including the entire Max Payne series! 

Taking to the stage, Peggy Lo (Compatibility Program Lead for Xbox) talked about the improvements that the titles have undergone, stating that "every one of the titles added today will benefit from auto-HDR, and many will enjoy increase frame rates with FPS Boost including a wider range of our existing backwards compatible titles like the Gears of War franchise, the Fable franchise, Cameo, and Sonic Generations."

Each instalment of the Max Payne franchise is playable on Xbox One, along with Xbox Series S and X. Both classic Remedy titles, Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne are now available for £11.99, with Max Payne 3 available for £17.99.


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