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19th October 2021
The Captured Collective's Control Celebrations

The brilliant minds at The Captured Collective have been celebrating Control's recent anniversary! We've absolutely adored their work and the amount of effort and love the team has put into the community, so today's blog post is dedicated to the amazing work they've done and continue to do. 

The Captured Collective Competition [Now Ended]

First up! To celebrate Control's second anniversary, The Captured Collective teamed up with Remedy to deliver an incredible competition. As they're a virtual photography community, they asked photographers to submit their best screenshots from Control, where a copy of The Art & Making Of Control book, Control t-shirt, and Control snapback was up for grabs! The competition announcement was also incredible, featuring Dr. Ama Lama @AmAzingDrLama step into the role of Dr Casper Darling:

August Magazine Issue

The team also created a fantastic magazine issue for August, with two editions; a standard and the anniversary version. The anniversary version contains more gorgeous screenshots from finalists of the competition with commentary by Elmeri Raitanen, an interview with Control's Sergey Mohov on the title's Photo Mode, and articles by PayneReactor and The Sudden Stop.

You can read both issues, HERE


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