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6th September 2021
Community & Studios Celebrate Control's 2nd Anniversary

While new players are still discovering the shifting rooms of the FBC as the game expanded to new platforms this year, Remedy and 505Games recently celebrated the game's second anniversary! For the occasion, there was a delightful mix of official and community celebrations from new digital goodies to giveaways. 

Twitch Challenge
505Games teamed up with three YouTubers; Mithrie, Platinum Chasers, and Bizrebellion82, to give them a unique Control-related survival challenge. If you missed any of their broadcasts, you can catch up on their adventures by clicking their username above. The links will send you to the YouTube or Twitch page for their Control challenge.

The Office Noticeboard

Extra Steam Point Store Content

Some new Control-related digital goodies made their way to the Steam Point Store. The mini store allows Steam owners to "buy" avatars, backgrounds, and emojis, using points collected through Steam purchases. For the anniversary, the studios added animated profile pictures for Jesse, Ahti, and Marshall along with an animated frame for your own avatar. 

New Remedy Store Page
Coinciding with Control's second anniversary, Remedy recently launched their brand new official shop featuring t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters and more! For the anniversary, the team added a special Control 2nd Anniversary t-shirt and hoodie, so you can always remember not to eat the mold.

You can see the full list of official celebrations on Antonela's blog post, HERE

Of course, there were also plenty of community celebrations too:


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The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series



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