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20th September 2021
Sam Lake Explores Alan Wake Remastered In New Article For The PlayStation Blog

To celebrate Alan Wake's debut on the console, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) recently wrote a special article for the PlayStation Blog, detailing the unique features that PS owners can look forward to. 

Alan Wake Remastered, the graphically enhanced 4K version of the 2010 title, will be launching on PlayStation 4 & 5 on October 5th. Along with the base game, players will also be able to play The Signal and The Writer as part of the collection and will be able to hear a new commentary track by Sam, exclusive to the Remastered edition. 

Working with d3t Ltd, a lot of attention has been given to optimising the experience on each platform. On the PlayStation 5, the game runs at 4K at a smooth 60fps. For the PlayStation 4 Pro, players will have a choice of "Performance" which delivers 60fps and "Quality" which delivers 4K at 30fps. And for the normal PS4 version, the game will run at 30fps. Taking advantage of the PlayStation unique features, the DualSense controller will deliver specialised feedback depending on the type of gun used, and Activity Cards will be available for each mission. 

You can read more about how d3t Ltd and Remedy have enhanced the world of Bright Falls on the PlayStation Blog, HERE


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