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8th July 2021
New Community Hubs Launch!
Remedy Universe & RemedyINTEL

 We've had a couple of fantastic new websites join the community recently! Both sites are social media-based with their community spread over multiple platforms.

First up is Remedy Universe, a Russian-speaking community that launched back in April. The hub has already expanded to VK, Twitter, Telegram and Discord, with almost five hundred follows across all channels to date. Their posts are part-bot, which scours the internet for Remedy news and posts, and part-handwritten posts by @Skaamit. If you speak Russian and looking for like-minded fans, check it out! 

The second is RemedyINTEL which began posting just last month! Already the Twitter page has climbed up to 154 followers and celebrated its launch with a Steam code for Alan Wake. Alongside its main hub on Twitter, it has also expanded to Discord and Steam. Drop by and say hello! 


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