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6th June 2021
Watch Johannes Paloheimo's D.I.C.E Conversations Panel
Running a Successful Games Business During a Pandemic

It's without question that this past year has been... weirder than usual. It's required a sudden adaption to a new way of life and work that was only ever expected to be a short-term plan. A year and a half later, things are finally looking like there's some end, but such a global effort has meant that a lot has changed. The way that businesses are run is certainly one of them.

On May 19th, Johannes Paloheimo (COO at Remedy Entertainment) joined the D.I.C.E Conversations panel, "Running a Successful Games Business During a Pandemic" to explain how the studios managed it. Alongside him was Ebba Ljungerud (CEO at Paradox Interactive), Jas Purewal (Partner at Wiggin) and Leon Winkler (Director of International Events at Ubisoft). The panel was moderated by Maarten de Koning (Partner and Executive Vice President at Digital Development Management). You can read more about the speakers, HERE

Following the livesteam, the panel has been uploaded in full on the D.I.C.E YouTube channel. If you missed it the first time, make sure to check it out there or below:

Panel Description: "The games industry is a tight-knit community who rely on a steady schedule of conferences and trade shows to help build businesses through in-person meetings and discussions. What happens when all that goes away? How do developers get their games in front of publishers? How do publishers find exciting new IP or market their upcoming releases? Many companies have had to change on how they do business in 2020 and recognizes that many of these challenges have resulted in improvements in that will stay in place long after the pandemic is gone. This panel will discuss how business development, deal making, and publishing has forever changed, featuring voices from publishers, a game developer, a game lawyer, and videogame agent."


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