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21st May 2021
Remedy Publishes New (Remote) Recruitment Video

Late last month, Remedy Entertainment published a new video on their YouTube channel, the latest in a series focusing on life within the studio.

This video was a little different than those released previously, particularly as most of the country is still impacted by current restrictions. From early 2020, Remedy made the move to work from home in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a temporary situation that is still in place almost fifteen months later. 

In the latest recruitment video, a number of Remedy developers film themselves in their remote setup talking about moving to Finland, the work culture in the studio, and the Finlandization program which helps new employees and their families to settle within the country.

The video spotlights a range of developers across various departments including Fernando Suárez (Lead Gameplay Programmer), Kyle Rowley (Game Director), Brooke Maggs (Senior Narrative Designer) Evelina Salo (Junior UI Designer), Henri Blåfield (Animation Team Supervisor), Ajita Roy (Senior Environment Artist), Abbie Jameson (Junior Lighting Artist) and Sam Lake (Creative Director). 

You can see the full video below, or check out the studio's career page


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