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11th May 2021
Our Quantum Break 5th Anniversary Competition Winner

Last month, we held a competition to celebrate Quantum Break's fifth anniversary, with a pack of game goodies including steelbook, rare promotional t-shirt and a copy of Cam Roger's Quantum Break: Zero State for the winner.

There were so many incredible entries from screenshots, to artwork, memories, and favourite quotes. While our previous giveaways are randomly selected from a list, this one was a little different, with the winner being selected based on the creativity of their entry. As you can imagine, selecting just one winner was tough as there were so many that deserved all the love. 

A little while after the competition closed, we finally announced our winner. The winning entry from our Quantum Break 5th Anniversary Giveaway is "I'll Come Back For You" by discobumbag! You can see the full and breathtaking piece below!

Thank you to everyone who shared or entered the competition! We promise to have more chances to win in the future.


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