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2nd March 2021
Control Ultimate Edition (Physical) Now Available For PS5 & XBOX Series X|S

Control Ultimate Edition is now available on PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X|S in a pretty nifty box! While heading to a store to pick up the latest release might not be a feasible journey for many of us, the boxed edition will be making its way to players who pre-ordered and will be available to purchase online. 

In an earlier post celebrating the launch of the digital version of the Control Ultimate Edition, we highlighted a few links you might want to check out before jumping into the game...

[Update 11th March 2021: One question that I've been seeing a lot is about the PlayStation 4 exclusives; the Hideo Kojima mission and the Astral Dive outfit. Thanks to Patrick at PayneReactor, who has both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, we now know that those items aren't available in the PS5 edition of the game. We'll let you know if that situation changes!]

Our PS4 Review. If you would like to learn more about the title, we wrote a review when the game originally launched in August 2019, but some important things have changed since then. The first is that Remedy released an Assist Mode for Control in August 2020, which allows players to tweak the gameplay difficulty and accessibility and it is a real game-changer. I loved the game when it launched, but the intense difficulty level was something that I was concerned about initially. That concern has since been addressed and eased in updates. You can read our original review, HERE.

What You Get In The Control Ultimate Edition. The Control Ultimate Edition is the most extensive version of Control released. It contains Expeditions (a free game mode that rewards players for completing challenges), as well as both story DLC packs (The Foundation and AWE). Alongside the additional levels, there's also been a number of upgrades to how the game looks...

New Upgrades For The New Release. With the game coming to next-generation consoles, the game has undergone some changes to take advantage of the new technology. Last month, Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha, wrote an article for the PlayStation Blog talking about a whole bunch of upgrades coming to the next-gen versions including quicker load times, the use of ray-tracing, working with the new DualSense controller, and the PS5's Game Help. Read the full piece, HERE!

To coincide with the digital release of the Control Ultimate Edition on next-generation consoles, Remedy provided Digital Foundry with early access to the PlayStation 5 version to showcase what the game can deliver. You can watch their review here:


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