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27th March 2021
Alan Wake Sales on GOG & Epic Games Store

It has been a long Winter, but Spring is finally approaching in the northern hemisphere. Things are getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the cats are sunbathing, and that can only mean one thing, it is time for the Spring Sales! And if you've not yet picked up or played the Alan Wake series, this may be a good opportunity to jump in. 

For those who joined the community with Control, the first adventure you should check out is Alan Wake, and once you're done move along to Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Although it isn't considered to be a sequel, American Nightmare picks up after the events of the original and provides updates on the characters.

GOG. Both Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare is currently available up to 75% off on GOG until April 5th.

By purchasing Alan Wake through GOG, players can also unlock the manual, extra wallpapers, the Alan Wake Files book, Making Of... Videos, Writer In The Cabin Videos, Night Springs Episodes and Poets of the Fall's War Music Video

By purchasing Alan Wake's American Nightmare through GOG, players can also unlock the Night Springs episodes, wallpapers, Developer Diaries, and new avatars.

Epic Games Store. Alan Wake's American Nightmare is also available on the Epic Games Store at 75% off, until April 8th. 

If you pick up the games through either of the two sales, we would love to know what you think of them! 


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