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15th March 2021
Poets of the Fall Releases New Music Video, "Stay Forever"

Just two years after making their mark in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne with the brilliant Late Goodbye, Poets of the Fall released their debut album, Signs of Life. The album became a quick favourite; debuting at number one in the Finnish charts and earning the newly-formed group a well-deserved Emma Gala award. Now, almost sixteen years after the initial launch, Poets of the Fall returned to the song Stay with a special music video and reimagining. 

Their music video is called Stay Forever and is available to watch on their official YouTube channel (and below) right now! 

Speaking about the new video quality on Instagram, the band stated, "A really fun fact to all tech nerds out there: you’ll be happy to learn that you can experience the new video in glorious HDR! Without getting too technical what this means, suffice to say it’ll have more vivid colours and brighter highlights compared to old school presentation. Obviously you have to have HDR compatible screen to benefit from all this. Most of the recent high end phones, tablets and TV’s support at least HDR10 so you’re good to go!"

Miika Hakala once again returned as the director, having previously worked a number of POTF music videos (My Dark Disquiet, Dancing on Broken Glass, Moonlight Kissed, The Sweet Escape/Partir Avec Moi, and False Kings).

Similar to Dancing on Broken Glass and The Sweet Escape, the recording took place at a Helsinki landmark, this time taking advantage of Suomenlinna's gorgeous grassy hills, historic walls, and vast sea views. The music video also stars local actors, Alina Uusitupa, Aninka Uusitupa, and Arja Pekurinen to show the heroine's story throughout time. 

The story was by Miika Hakala and Marko Saaresto, with costume design by Kupla erikoisompelimo and make-up/hair by Minna Parikka. Drone shots were recorded by Vijami Tabell. The Gaffer was Henri Ilanen. The music video was produced by Poets of the Fall accompanied by still photography by Tiia Öhman.


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