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6th November 2020
Control Collects Three Awards at Develop: Star Awards

While they couldn't have a physical awards ceremony this year, the Develop: Star Awards went ahead as planned in a special virtual event. Entering the event, Control had collected five nominations;Best Visual Art, Best Narrative, Best Original IP, Best Audio, and Game of the Year, with strong competition across all five categories.

Fortunately, the evening was a resounding success for Remedy and 505Games, with the game collecting three trophies and matching Dreams (by Media Molecule) for most wins. 

During the event, Control was awarded Best Visual Art, Best Narrative and Best Original IP!

It was a close run this year with many equally-exceptional games running alongside each other in the categories. For Best Audio, the team had tough competition with ultimately Sayonara Wild Hearts (by Simogo and Annapurna Interactive) collecting the trophy. Game of the Year was awarded to Media Molecule for their work on the PlayStation exclusive title, Dreams

The ceremony concluded the Develop: Brighton 2020 event which also switched to a virtual expo this year. You can find more about the awards and convention on their website, HERE! You can find the full list of winners on, HERE.


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