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19th October 2020
Remedy's Summer 2020 Finlandization Wrap-Up

With international travel proving difficult lately, Remedy's Finlandization programme is probably more important this year. Throughout the Summer, the programme has adopted new social distancing measures to keep everyone safe, while also introducing new faces at the studio and providing support for developers who cannot visit family.

For those who aren't familiar with the events, as part of the international relocation program, Remedy arranges group gatherings to help new employees and their families discover their new home.

In Remedy's latest LinkedIn article, Finlandization Event Coordinator, Kathrin Deter, talks about the group's trips throughout the Summer including kayaking trip in the archipelago of Helsinki, group tours around the city, trips to local restaurants to try the local food, and berry picking in the forest.

Kathrin also talks about some of the challenges faced during the preparation, particularly with new Covid restrictions, stating "after a break in Finlandization events since March, it was important to still think about how we could safely resume the activities. Setting the appropriate group size limit, encouraging safe distances and focusing on activities that would take place outdoors, as well as the mandatory use of face masks where social distances would not be possible - such as during bus transfers where applicable."

To read the Kathrin's full article, click HERE.


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