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15th September 2020
Digital Dragons 2020 / Online Remedy Lectures
[w. Brooke Maggs, Thomas Puha, Stuart Macdonald, and Juha Vainio]

Throughout this week, Digital Dragons are holding their three-day virtual event with panels and lectures covering a wide range of topics, available for free. In the mix are four Control sessions, each breaking down a specific aspect of the game, whether that's narrative design, environmental art, marketing and production.

Registration is necessary but tickets are free to those who want to check out the panels. You can find out more, including where to sign up, on the Digital Dragons website, HERE

Brooke Maggs (now Senior Narrative Designer at Remedy) will be holding her lecture "Weirder Than Usual: Narrative Designing the Motel Sequences in Control" on September 14th at 11am CEST (10am BST). 

Brooke will also be returning to the Xsolla stage directly after her Control session for a panel on "The Elusive Truth" which explores adding realness to interactive narratives. She will be joining Sławomir Uliasz (Senior Narrative Designer at Flying Wild Hog), Paweł Kroenke (Lead Narrative Designer at Arkane Lyon) and Artur Ganszyniec (Narrative Designer at Different Tales).

"Weirder Than Usual: Narrative Designing the Motel Sequences in Control" Notes: Dive into the world-building and narrative development process at Remedy where nuanced narrative mood of the New Weird, like rituals and dream-logic, evolved into a new game sequence in Control. This sequence, the Oceanview Motel and Casino, is a transient area that reoccurs throughout the game, where Jesse must complete ritual-like puzzles to access new areas of the Oldest House. The talk will cover the evolution of the Motel sequences, from idea to final experience, and will show how narrative cohesion was maintained throughout development.

Thomas Puha (Communications Director at Remedy) will also be taking part in a panel exploring how marketing teams are continuing despite the global challenges. The panel is called "PR and Marketing During a Pandemic. Did Gaming Benefit From the Lockdown?" and will start at 7pm CEST (6pm BST) on the Xsolla Stage. Thomas will be joined by Shawn Petraschuk (PR and Marketing Specialist at Evolve PR), Patryk Grzeszczuk (Marketing Director at 11-bit studios), and Marcin Kosman (Co-owner at better.gaming agency). 

Remedy's World Design Director, Stuart Macdonald will be talking about architecture in Control in his lecture, "Be Brutal: The Simplicity and Brutality of Control's Architecture". The session will be taking place at 11am CEST (10am BST) at the Xsolla Stage on September 18th.

"Be Brutal: The Simplicity and Brutality of Control's Architecture" Notes: Control from Remedy Entertainment is the next title following the company's passion for building uniquely weird and visually compelling worlds. Set in a single sprawling building location we chose a distinct architectural style for the world of the Oldest House. Leveraging his experience in architecture and AAA game development Stuart will cover the world design through the architectural style creation process, themes and challenges that led to a distinctive, visually cohesive and unique looking game world.

Finally, we have Juha Vainio (now Executive Producer at Remedy) talking about his experiences and leadership with the game in "Keeping Control: Leading the Production of a AAA Game". The session will be Huuuge Games Stage at 4pm CEST (3pm BST) on September 18th. 

"Keeping Control: Leading the Production of a AAA Game" Notes: Producing a AAA game with a huge multi-discipline team is full of challenges that need to be tackled in order to ship on schedule with the expected high quality. Planning, prioritisation, processes, keeping tight focus, and managing the scope are of key importance in any game production and the importance grows even higher in AAA. In his talk, Juha will share some of the challenges he has faced in game production and the methods he has used to overcome those.

You can grab FREE tickets for the event on the Digital Dragons website, HERE


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