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11th August 2020
Finnish Games Awards 2020 Shortlist [18th August]
Control Receives Three Nominations

This week, Suomen Pelinkehittäjät ry (the Finnish Game Developers’ Association) and Neogames Finland have announced their shortlist for the Finnish Games Awards 2020, along with details of this year's remotely-held event. 

Photo Source: Neogames Finland

This year is a big one as it marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the event, a milestone celebrated alongside Remedy and Housemarque who were all founded in the same year. 

Unfortunately, with the threat of Covid-19, the ceremony will be held remotely from Finland, and livestreamed to virtual attendees. The broadcast will start on August 18th at 6:45pm (EEST), and will be available to watch on Neogames' YouTube channel, HERE. The list of winners will also be posted on their website just under two hours later at 8:30pm EEST. 

Remedy has been nominated in three of the five categories this year including "Best Creative Achievement", "Big Screen Game of the Year", and "Finnish Game Of The Year", but are also up against tough competition! Baba Is You who has been a strong competitor in awards ceremonies this past year are also up against them in each of the three categories.

The shortlist for this year's Finnish Games Awards 2020 include:

Vuoden 2019 Luova Saavutus
Best Creative Achievement Of The Year 2019

     - Control (Remedy Entertainment) 
     - Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (Frozenbyte) 
     - Baba Is You (Hempuli)

Vuoden 2019 Tietokone- Ja Konsolipeli
Big Screen Game Of The Year 2019

     - Undead Horde (10tons) 
     - Trials Rising (Ubisoft RedLynx) 
     - Baba Is You (Hempuli) 
     - Control (Remedy Entertainment) 
     - Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (Frozenbyte)

Pääpalkinto: Vuoden 2019 Kotimainen Peli
Finnish Game Of The Year 2019

     - Baba Is You (Hempuli) 
     - Control (Remedy Entertainment) 
     - Oceanhorn 2 (CornFox & Brothers Games) 
     - Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (Frozenbyte) 
     - Trials Rising (Ubisoft RedLynx)

The nominees for "Vuoden 2019 Hyötypeli" / "Applied Game Award 2019" are Pikku Kakkosen Eskari (Pikku Kakkosen Sovellustiimi), Super Stomp 2-player setup for Valojump (Valo Motion), and QWiz (Department of Physics and Astronomy: University of Turku & MiTale).

And finally, the nominations for "Vuoden 2019 Mobiilipeli" / "Small Screen Game Of The Year 2019" include Nonstop Knight 2 (Kopla Games), Oceanhorn 2 (CornFox & Brothers Games), Angry Birds Dream Blast (Rovio Entertainment), Alien: Blackout (Rival Games, Theory Interactive, FoxNext Games, D3, Go!) and Rumble Stars (Frogmind).

You can view the official announcement on the Neogames Finland website, HERE
Or check out their press release on Gamasutra, HERE


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