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10th June 2020
PayneReactor Launches The PayneReactions Podcast

With normal life grounding to halt due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, fellow fansite PayneReactor has announced a brand new project called The PayneReaction Podcast, a topical show which discusses matters in the video game industry as well as interests connected to their guests. 

In its debut episodes, Patrick talks to the crew behind the upcoming short film, Payne & Redemption, inspired by the Max Payne series. 

His guests this time include Fergle Gibson, Ben Dean, and Anthony Southby who join him to talk about a range of topics including movies and virtual reality. The first episode is a lengthy one spanning almost ninety minutes, but perfect if you're looking for something to put on as you work around the house or out for a walk. 

You can listen to the first episode on Spotify, HERE


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