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7th May 2020
Watch The XBOX Series X Gameplay Reveal Here!
[4pm BST / 3pm GMT]

Later today, the Summer Games Festival will kick off with XBOX Series X Gameplay Reveal premiering on Inside XBOX. 

Set your alarm clocks for 4pm BST (3pm GMT), to join in the action. 

At the moment, the full list of games haven't been announced but with Microsoft announcing their new partnership with Smilegate and Remedy on CrossFire X, we've got our fingers crossed about more news about the title later today.

Joining the broadcast is very easy! You can watch the XBOX broadcast on YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, or on Facebook. Alternatively, you can watch the broadcast on The Game Awards YouTube channel which has a special re-show event hosted by Geoff Keighley. (We've included the link to the latter version below!)


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