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20th May 2020
Alan Wake's 10th Anniversary Wrap-Up
[Updated 22nd May!]

This past week has been a pretty busy one as last Thursday, the community and developers celebrated Alan Wake's tenth anniversary. While the title was launched on PC in February 2012, the original version for XBOX 360 came out two years prior. With the milestone, there were a number of celebrations and tributes set up around the community. Below is a list of some of those events:

New Communication Creations!
For the occasion, so many brilliant fans shared their memories of the game, created new artwork, or uploaded a new project inspired by Wake's adventures. There was so much amazing content, that we had to have a special dedicated article for it. We saw new pieces of fan art from long-time Remedy fans such as KristyTrenchiikoat, Fraser, Evil-Owl-Loki, and AleooW, as well as designs for a haunted attraction by Shelby, and SO MUCH MORE.  

We genuinely loved seeing all of these amazing projects, and you can find more on the article, HERE

A Conversation With Matthew Porretta
In late January, we sat down to talk to Matthew Porretta, the iconic voice of Alan Wake. During our chat, we talked about what it was like stepping into the booth for the first time, how he found collaborating with Ilkka Villi to bring the character to life, and what it was like travelling to Helsinki to meet the development team. Interviewing Matt has been a hope of mine for almost a decade now, and I'm really excited that I got the opportunity, especially for the anniversary.

You can read the Alan Wake portion of our interview, HERE

Remedy's Twitch Channel's Hosts "Bright Falls Week"
Ahead of the festivities, the developers contacted seven influencers/streamers to take part in a week-long celebration of the title, called "Bright Falls Week". The event kicked off with a livestream hosted remotely by the studio which spoke to some of the people involved with the original game. In the broadcast, Remedy's community manager, Vida Starčević, spoke to Sam Lake (lead writer), Ilkka Villi (likeness and motion capture actor), and Matthew Porretta (the voice of Alan Wake) about their experiences and took questions from chat.

After Remedy's livestream wrapped up, it went straight over to Nikatine to start the Alan Wake playthrough, before heading to FuzzyFreaks, JesseCox, GalmShatterskull, Iomadiah, and OverBoredGaming, and eventually Sly, over the following week.

If you missed any of the broadcasts, you can catch up on Remedy's Twitch Channel, HERE!

New Interviews & Retrospectives
For the milestone, a number of websites celebrated the series in their own way. Places like VG247, Game Informer, and Ars Technica were able to sit down with Alan Wake's lead writer, Sam Lake. The Xbox Hub, uploaded a retrospective detailing the game's history from the game to The Alan Wake Files. And, If you enjoyed the Bright Falls mini-series, you might want to check out Vemon Vlog's interview with its director, Phillip Van.

Alan Wake Receives 90% Discount
On the day, Remedy announced a 90% discount for the game on the Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG allowing gamers who haven't yet tried the adventure to step on board. 

While the Steam and GOG sale ended a few days later, the discount on the Epic Games Store actually extends to June 11th.

Giveways & Competitions
To celebrate ten years, Remedy commissioned a limited edition run of Maglite torches with the milestone inscribed on the side. These were given out throughout live streams hosted by partnered-influencers and streamers in broadcasts scheduled throughout the week, in addition to a special competition. 

For the competition, Remedy teamed up with The Sudden Stop, PayneReactor, and ComunidadRemedy, where we asked fans to share their favourite memory of the game and to get creative with their entry! 

[Update 4th June: Remedy has selected the winners for the torch competition and those fans have been contacted. As we've also received a number of emails from fans who had entered who are eager to hear the results, we've reached out to ask if we could announce our winner.]

Our site also ran its own separate giveaway announced a little earlier in the week in which one fan won the Alan Wake Collector's Edition bundle on Steam. The winner was @sensailii, who was announced on May 21st. 


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