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13th May 2020
Remedy Teams Up With Streamers For Bright Falls Week
Kickstarting With Studio Livestream on May 14th / 3pm GMT

To celebrate Alan Wake's 10th anniversary, Remedy has teamed up with a number of influencers and streamers for a week-long celebration of the title on Twitch. 

The event will kick off with a special livestream hosted remotely by the studio and featuring special guests; Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy), Ilkka Villi (the likeness and motion capture actor for Alan Wake) and Matthew Porretta (the voice of Alan Wake). You can watch the broadcast live and join in the chat on the Remedy Twitch channel. Just make sure to tune in on May 14th, 11am EDT, 3pm UTC/GMT, 4pm BST. 

[Update 17th March 01:38: You can view the full interview with Vida, Sam, Ilkka, and Matt on the Remedy Twitch channel, HERE.]

After Remedy's livestream, it goes straight to Nikatine, before handing it over to FuzzyFreaks (11am GMT / Friday 15th), JesseCox  (5pm GMT / Saturday 16th), GalmShatterskull (3pm GMT / Sunday 17th). The following week, there will be Iomadiah (11am GMT / Monday 18th), and OverBoredGaming  (12am GMT / Wednesday 20th). Closing the celebrations with Sly (6pm GMT / Wednesday 20th).  

UTC and GMT are the same timezones, so comparing your local time to either one will get you the correct results. The site tends to default to GMT because of our terrible Britishness.


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