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5th April 2020
Quantum Break's 4th Anniversary [Community Wrap-Up!]

Today marks the fourth anniversary since Quantum Break launched on XBOX One and PC (Windows 10) and Cam Rogers' Quantum Break: Zero State was published. Thank you to everyone who shared their love and memories of the game and the book, and posted gorgeous artwork to celebrate the milestone. It was so genuinely lovely hearing from fellow fans in the community and talk about a game that personally means a lot to me and clearly so many of you too.

Remedy also ran their own celebration later in the evening using #4YearsOfQuantumBreak to unite all the postings, and will likely be sharing the responses a little later on their own page. [Update: 6th April 1:15 BST: They did! You can check out their Twitter story, HERE!] But in keeping with tradition, we wanted to do a little community wrap-up of our own:

Here are just some of the incredible responses that we saw! 
(Due to the timezones, the messages may show a little before or after April 5th)

We also heard from some of the developers and actors involved on the project:

Artists in the community also got involved, sharing throwbacks to some of the Quantum Break pieces that they had done over the years and to new projects created for the occasion:


The Control Series

The Crossfire Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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