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4th March 2020
Brooke Maggs' Narrative Design Lecture at Aalto University
[March 9th at 3-5pm EET / Open to the Public]

Next week, Brooke Maggs (Senior Narrative Designer at Remedy) will be attending the Design Factory at Aalto University to talk about her career and how to tell stories without words.

The lecture series is run by Aalto University's Media Lab and developed as part of their A!OLE program. Over the past three years they've had a number of guest speakers from Remedy including Stuart MacDonald, Joonas Laakso, Antti Tiihonen, and Mikko Rautalahti.

If you're in Helsinki on March 9th at 15:00 - 17:00 EET, you can catch Brooke's lecture in person as the event is open to the public. If you can't make it, the talk will also be live-streamed on their YouTube channel, HERE.

Full Lecture Description:
Brooke Maggs’ talk will trace her career so far and investigate some of the the most effective narrative design strategies she has used across her projects. She has worked as a narrative designer for indie games and now, on big-budget, triple-A titles. Narrative design is about how the player experiences the story and therefore, it can require many different skills, but there are some core to the profession. Brooke will discuss the power of being a good communicator, the techniques for combining gameplay and storytelling, how to tell stories without text or dialogue and communicating narrative mood across the development team.

Brooke joined Remedy fairly recently, originally as a writer in residence, through the Film Vic Women In Games Program in February 2018, she then later joined the team as the studio's Narrative Designer that October. In an interview with RE:BIND, she discusses her on Control, revealing she worked on some of the motel sequences and side missions. Two years after joining the studio, she became their Senior Narrative Designer following the departure of Eevi Korhonen. Prior to her work at Remedy, Brooke has worked on titles such as The Gardens Between, Paperbark, Florence, and Earthlight. She also won the MCV Pacific XBOX Creative Impact Award for her work in the industry.
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