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23rd March 2020
Looking After Artists and Freelancers In Our Community During The Lockdown

If you're an artist in the community with commissions or an online store which has been impacted by event cancellations or safety measures brought into place with the spread of Covid-19, please let us know! We would love to spotlight your work and let people know how to support your business.

Even though a number of countries have specified a twelve-week turnaround, we don't know for sure how long the pandemic is going to last, and with many people already losing their jobs or missing out on engagements such as conventions to help spread the word about their own business, it's going to be a rough few months for a lot of people. 

If you're in the community, whether you're a graphic designer, an artist, a store owner, a video editor, a Let's Player, please get in contact and let us know how we can support you!

You can contact me on Twitter at @TheSuddenStop or email at!


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