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4th January 2020
What To Look Forward To In 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 is shaping up to be a huge year, with two major anniversary on the horizon, the debut of a major franchise coming to console with a story campaign developed by Remedy, and two new DLC packs for Control. We've got a lot planned for the year ahead and we're looking forward to celebrating these milestones with you over the next twelve months!

Here are just some of the things that we're celebrating this year:

Remedy Entertainment's 25th Anniversary

This Summer marks Remedy's 25th anniversary! At the start, the team set up shop in the basement of a house belonging to one of the founder's parents, with a handful of members working towards their first game, a top-down racer called Death Rally which would be released the following year. Now, the multi-game studio is based in Espoo in a newly customised office; a base for its 220+ employees.

- To celebrate the milestone, we're dedicating each month to a Remedy title starting with the original Death Rally (1996). We're going to go back into the archives, to articles previously written over the past eight years, as well as publishing some new pieces that explore the game in a new light. The monthly features won't be chronological, to line up with milestones later in the year, so each new month will feature a surprise new focus.


Alan Wake's 10th Anniversary

In addition to Remedy's 25th anniversary, it's also been ten years since Alan Wake launched! The psychological action thriller stole our hearts when it was released in mid-May, throwing players into the unsettling forests and black lakes of Bright Falls armed within nothing by a torch, a revolver and nine billion layers.

- Alan Wake was the game that introduced me to the company and the community so, of course, we're going to be celebrating the game's milestone this Spring. We have a lot of things lined up but still a lot of work ahead. We're looking forward to sharing more closer to the date!

CrossFireX Coming To XBOX One

At E3 2019, Microsoft announced a new partnership with Smilegate, which sees their highly successful CrossFire series come to XBOX One in early 2020, with CrossFireX. The game was developed in collaboration with Remedy who created a story mode campaign to accompany the multiplayer adventure. At present, not much is known about the title but with the game due to be released in early 2020, expect to see a lot of CrossFire news stories coming soon!

Upcoming Control DLC 

In addition to new CrossFireX news on the horizon, there's plenty more Control on the way too, with not one but two DLC packs due to launch this year! The Foundation is due to launch on March 26th, 2020, and sees Jesse explore beneath the Bureau itself, at the request of the Board. Teased with an Alan Wake-twist, A.W.E is the second DLC pack due for launch in mid-2020. Stay tuned for more!


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