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25th January 2020
Happy Lunar New Year 2020!
[New Steam & GOG Sales PLUS New Artwork by Carla]

Despite the challenges this year, I hope that everyone who celebrates the Spring Festival today has a fantastic time filled with the very best food and company. 

This year is the Year of the Rat; the first zodiac animal, and a symbol of wealth and success. This year also corresponds with the element metal, with the earthly branch, zi, and the celestial stem, gēng.

A Little About The Occasion. Lunar New Year is split into three main sections; Little Year, Spring Festival, and the Lantern Festival. The Little Year takes place for eight days January 17th - 25th (with the 24th being New Year's Eve) and focuses on preparation. The Spring Festival begins on January 25th and ends on February 8th, and is considered to be the main celebration. Preparations for the Lantern Festival takes place from February 5th onwards, with the climax of the event on February 8th when the festival is held. Although the dates and the duration of the celebration can vary depending on personal choice, tradition, or location.

If you would like to learn more about the Lunar New Year, make sure to check out:, which features a comprehensive guide to the event and delves into the culture and traditions. National Geographic has an incredible article on it too.

Lunar New Year Card. To celebrate the occasion, the incredibly talented, Carla, was back with another stunning new year card with a Remedy twist, to celebrate the Year of the Rat.  In the run up to the Spring Festival, she worked hard to get it done in time, and always suddenly receiving her artwork in my inbox is such a wonderful surprise! You can check out the new piece below! (Posted with permission)

At the moment her portfolio is under construction, but you can follow her on Twitter, @Eydaemonbroccol. In her spare time, she also creates the webcomic, I Am Kindred, which is currently undergoing renovations but keep an eye out for webcomic-goodness in the future!

Steam's Lunar New Year Sale. Steam's latest sale is in full swing with a number of discounts across Remedy titles. All accounts also a gift of soft currency that can be spent on emoticons, backgrounds, or new badges.

Included in the deals we have Death Rally (1996) at 50% off, a brilliant offer especially if you haven't yet played the original Remedy title OR you have a Mac. Both of Remedy's Max Paynes are available too at 65% off individually or 70% off if you purchase together. Alan Wake and its standalone adventure, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, are both at 80% off. And finally, Jack Joyce is also joining the sales with Quantum Break at 75% off!

Check out the Lunar New Year Sale, HERE! Or Remedy's catalogue specifically, HERE!

GOG's Lunar New Year Sale. GOG has joined in on the festitives with their own Lunar New Year Sale which includes discounts across the Alan Wake series. You can now get Alan Wake (plus goodies!) at 80% off AND Alan Wake's American Nightmare at 79% off. You can also buy the titles as a gift for a friend too.


The Control Series

The Crossfire Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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