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19th January 2020
Remedy To Livestream Expeditions Time Challenge
[Mark Your Calendars For January 22nd]

After a seven month break from broadcasting to focus on the launch of Control, Remedy will be returning to Twitch to showcase their recent DLC pack for the game, Expeditions.

If you're interested in catching the livestream, you can watch it live on the Remedy Twitch channel at 7pm EET (9am PST / 5pm GMT) on January 22nd.

Remedy's Community Manager, Vida Starčević will be joined by Teemu Pellonpää (Senior Producer) and Sergey Mohov (Senior Game Designer), who will be challenging themselves to beat times set by the community.

About ExpeditionsReleased to coincide with the launch of The Game Awards back in December, Expeditions is a free pack available to all platforms.

The DLC is centred around a specific Object of Power, the Jukebox, which teleports Jesse into The Formation, set deep in the FBC. Fighting against the clock, players must complete a series of objectives while battling against waves of Hiss. Once the track ends, Jesse is transported back into the Central Executive area, and can only return to The Formation by collecting Jukebox Tokens. These tokens can be collected by crafting, completing Board Countermeasures, succeeding in Bureau Alerts, or successfully completing an Expeditions. The extra level automatically unlocks when the player completes the main game.


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