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27th October 2019
Control at EGX 2019 Wrap Up

Last week, 505Games were at EGX, the UK's largest game convention, showcasing four fantastic games on the showfloor; Horace, Indivisible, Journey to the Savage Planet and, of course, Control at the PlayStation booth.

Across the long weekend, giveaways were held on the ControlRemedy Twitter channel with prizes presented to attendees at the show by the publisher's Global Senior Brand Community Manager, Antonela Pounder. Giveaways included Control merchandise ranging from tote bags to branded t-shirts and even PS4 dynamic themes.

While the game has been out for a short while, its lead has also already attracted cosplayers with Sarah Kendall, fellow Control fan and friend of Antonela, donning Jesse's leather jacket and thick woollen socks to portray Jesse on the showfloor.

Below are a number of tweets posted throughout the event of the booth, of Sarah's brilliant cosplay, of giveaway winners, and the venue itself: 


The Control Series

The Crossfire Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




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