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18th October 2019
Remedy Publishes Statement & Dials Back Control PC Version Following Reported Issues [FIXED]

This evening, Remedy announced that they will be restoring the previous version of Control for PC gamers after a number of users reported issues with the new update (1.04.00) which launched this week.

In addition to the photo mode, the update brought a series of new changes including bug fixes, combat and gameplay improvements, improved stability across all platforms, and subtitle fixes across multiple languages. There was also fixes to specific scenes which had seen issues such as a main enemy not activating, and enemy tracking issues during a Board Countermeasure. Sections where Jesse could get trapped also saw some tweaking and as well as a game crashing bug near the Prime Candidate Program.

The statement was posted on the Remedy and Control Twitter channels explained the decision:

We apologise for the current issues with Control on the Epic Games Store caused by the latest update.

The intent behind using the EGS launcher was to validate future paid expansions, not to force you to play online or to remove Steam controller support

We will restore the update with the Photo Mode again as soon as we can fix the issues that came up.

We will have more information to share as soon as we sort this out. No need to blame Epic for our mistakes. Sorry!

[Updated 25/10/2019 18:30] We recently had a new update regarding the latest PC patch...


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