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16th September 2019
The Sudden Stop Newsletter / Issue 32 [August 2019]

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Above artwork by Teppo Ylitalo, Junior Environmental Artist.

Spotlighted Studio News: New Financial Report for H1 2019! This past month, Remedy published their new bi-annual financial report covering the first six months of 2019. The paper talks about restructuring within the studio and upcoming plans.

Studio News From August 2019

- REMEDY Studio Publishes Bi-Annual Financial Report 2019 (H1 2019)
- ALAN WAKE Epic Store Includes Alan Wake in Trial Group for Cloud Saving
- ALAN WAKE Remedy Posts “OldSchoolHack” for Epic Store Language Change
- CONTROL Mobile at the Heart of New #WallpaperWednesday
- CONTROL Confirmed PC Specifications Revealed
- CONTROL Marshall Featured In New Character Profile
- CONTROL Langston Featured In New Character Profile
- CONTROL Underhill Featured In New Character Profile
- CONTROL “P6” Featured In New Character Profile
- CONTROL Ninth Developer Returns To Music In Part Two
- CONTROL Poets of the Fall Returns for Control
- CONTROL Pre-Release Review Embargo Lifts
- CONTROL Female Streamers Gets Control First Glimpse for Women’s Equality Day
- CONTROL Remedy’s latest game launches!
- CONTROL Studios Release First Patch Notes for Upcoming Update
- CONTROL 505Games’ Control Charity Marathon Raises $4,250

- CONTROL MEDIA WRAP-UP #1 [19 Day Til Launch]
- CONTROL MEDIA WRAP-UP #2 [15 Day Til Launch]
- CONTROL MEDIA WRAP-UP #3 [10 Day Til Launch]

WHAT IS CONTROL Episode #1, Setting The Scene
WHAT IS CONTROL Episode #2, The Enemy Within
WHAT IS CONTROL Episode #3, The Battle Is On
WHAT IS CONTROL Episode #4, Seizing Power
WHAT IS CONTROL Episode #5, Searching For The Truth

GAMESCOM #1 Wrap-Up / Launch & RTX Trailer
GAMESCOM #2 Wrap-Up / Live broadcasts & Streams
GAMESCOM #3 Wrap-Up / Poets of the Fall Announcement
GAMESCOM #4 Wrap-Up / New Interviews & Articles
GAMESCOM #5 Wrap-Up / Final Day & Early Streams

Spotlighted News: Gamescom 2019 Wrap-Up! Just a few days before Control's launch, Remedy travelled to Gamescom to showcase the game in a final pre-release campaign. Throughout the week, we released daily updates featuring new interviews and announcements.

Community News From August 2019

Looking To Discuss Control? Looking for new community hubs in the Control fandom? Check out the Control Wiki, the Official Control Discord Server, Reddit, and the forums!

THE SUDDEN STOP Exclusive: Hands-On With Control [PS4 Review]
THE SUDDEN STOP A Return to Heli Salomaa's Wonderful GDC Lecture
PAYNEREACTOR Games Review, Control
PAYNEREACTOR We're live streaming Control!
THE REMEDY HUB New Name and Look!

Community Spotlight for August: Vyxenah's Jesse Cosplay! To celebrate the launch of Control, we spoke to the incredibly talented Vyxenah, who recently stepped into Jesse's boots in a new cosplay.


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