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10th September 2019
Control First Post-Launch Patch Rolls Out On PlayStation 4

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about some of the player feedback that Control has received since its launch, and what the team were focused on upgrading in its mid-September patch. In that initial post, they revealed that they were aiming to fix problems related to RTX, the in-game map, motion blur, film grain, HDR, and lag.

Today, Control's first post-launch update has started rolling out! As each platform have different bugs and submission times, things can be slightly delayed for specific platforms, but if you haven't received the patch yet, it should be coming very soon! At present, the patch is currently ready for PS4 players, with XBOX and PC gamers due to be getting it shortly.

In the first patch, the dev team has tackled a number of issues that have been resurfacing in the community including issues with the PC launcher, stability, motion blur, crafting, and trophy issues.

Check out the full list below:

Patch #1 Updates: 

– Bug and crash fixes to missions, combat and overall game play
– Fixed multiple issues with the PC launcher related to DX11/DX12 crashes

– Improved title stability on all platforms
– Improved general frame-rate performance through optimisations made to multiple systems and content

– Improved map loading times (map will no longer tease information)
– Motion Blur On/Off toggle added to Options menu
– Film Grain On/Off toggle added to Options menu
– Fixed incorrect UI behaviour on ultra-wide monitors (PC)
– Fixed multiple issues when incorrect subtitles are shown for multiple languages
– Fixed issue when the game centers the aim on Jesse’s head
– Fixed multiple UI related issues

– Fixed an issue when player could not acquire ‘Pierce Charging Efficiency’ and ‘Spin Grouping Efficiency’ upgrade
– Fixed issue when Crafting Charge and personal Mods would not give the Weapon/Mod but take the materials (Sorry. The Board was greedy)
– Fixed issue that prevented players activating the Pierce weapon form upgrade
– Fixed issue when Jesse is unable to cleanse the ‘Transit Corridor South’ Control point upon returning from Prime Candidate Program area in the mission The Face of the Enemy
– Fixed an issue when Heptonstall would not spawn during certain story missions in the “Old Friends” side-mission (still looking for his buddy Remus)
– Fixed issue when Hiss Barrier remains in the Directorial Override mission’s Control Room if the player dies during the binding cut scene

– Fixed issue when certain licensed music tracks play after enabling the ‘Mute Copyrighted Tracks’ option
– Fixed and issue when audio is out of sync in the Dr Darling videos (PS4)

– Fixed issue with the Charge weapon forms erroneous blast radius causing (way) too much visual damage to the environments
– Fixed an issue where game would stall when completing a story mission and unlocking a trophy (PS4)

You can read the full report posted 505Games' Antonela Pounder, HERE!


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