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30th August 2019
505Games & Remedy Release First Patch Notes For Control
[RTX, Map Display, Motion Blur/Film Grain, HDR, Console Lag]

Today 505Games and Remedy have published the first details on their upcoming patch for Control which is estimated to be released in mid-September, in addition to possible solutions to some of the issues that fans have reported during their playthroughs.

In a post published on the Control website, they tackle issues related to RTX, the in-game map, motion blur, film grain, HDR, and lag.

For their first patch, they're working to get a toggle option for "Motion Blur & Film Grain" and ensuring that the map displays properly, plus a number of other optimization updates particularly for console gamers who are experiencing lag on older versions of the platform.

A number of players have reported about having RTX issues, for this, the studios recommend checking you have the latest version of Windows 10 (1903) as that will solve a lot of the named problems that have been arising.

Remedy has also released a statement about HDR saying, "early on in Control’s development, it was decided that HDR would not be implemented in-game. This is a decision based on the fact that development resources are limited, and we need to allocate what we have in a certain way. Moving into post launch, we prefer to use the resources we have to focus on future free content for Control like the Photo Mode. We realize this may disappoint some players, but we hope the additions we plan to bring to Control more than make up for the absence of HDR."

Encountered a bug which isn't addressed here? You can report it to Remedy and 505Games using this form:


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