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26th August 2019
The Embargo Lifts! Our Growing List of Control Reviews
[Updated 3/9]

Today the embargo lifted on Control reviews, releasing a wave of opinions, scores, and tips for those who were on the fence about buying the game. The reviews so far have been largely positive with their game, once again, scoring in the high numbers.

- Along with the press, we have also published our own spoiler-free review of the game. It's certainly a game that is hard to define but we break down what we like about the title and what we would like to see more of in later games, as well as features we would like to see added. You can see our review in full, HERE!

I've searched the internet to create a list of reviews for Control. This is by no means a complete list but I'll continue to add to it in the coming days: 

ARS TECHNICA: Remedy's Best Game Yet - And A Ray Tracing Masterpiece (Approved)
BGR: Control Review: Like Walking Through An Expertly Crafted Nightmare 
BLOODY DISGUSTING: Weird & Wonderful Spectacle, Held Back by Tech. Issues (4/5)
CRITICAL HIT: Control Review – Pulsating rhythmical Remedy (8.5/10)
DESTRUCTOID: Review: Control (9/10)
DIGIT: Mind-Bending Mysteries, Challenging Combat and Complex Puzzles (8.5/10)
DUALSHOCKERS: Control Review — Keep Being Weird, Remedy (7.5/10)
EGM: Control Review, This Old House (5/5)
EUROGAMER: Control review: Mid-century postmodernism (Recommended)
EVERYEYE: Recensione Del Nuovo Gioco Degli Autori Di Max Payne E Alan Wake (9/10)
FEXTRALIFE: Control Review – Mind Over Matter (8.5/10)
GAME INFORMER: Control Review (8.75/10)
GAME RANT: Control Review (4.5/5)
GAME REVOLUTION: Control Review | Weirdness, perfected (4.5/5)
GAMER HEROES: Control Review - A Treasure Trove (9/10)
GAMEBLOG: TEST de Control : Aux grands maux, du grand Remedy (8/10)
GAMESPOT: A return to form for Remedy Games (8/10)
GAMESRADAR: Control Review: "A Game We'll Be Talking About For Generations" (4.5/5)
GEEK CULTURE: Geek Review: Control (8.5/10)
GEEK.COM: Review: ‘Control’ Is Remedy’s Strongest Game Yet
HEAVY: Control Review (8.75/10)
HOT HARDWARE: Control: A Visually Stunning Ray Traced Gem Of A Game Explored 
IGN: Control Review (8.8/10)
KOTAKU: Control: The Kotaku Review 
KOTAKU AUSTRALIAEvery Remedy Fan Should Play Control 
MASHABLE: 'Control' is a tense and trippy mystery from the studio behind 'Alan Wake'
MSPOWERUSER: Control is one of Remedy’s most inventive and captivating titles yet (9/10)
PAYNEREACTOR: Game Reviews, Control (9/10)
PC GAMER: Remedy Returns With Its Strangest Shooter Yet (88/100)
PC INVASIONControl review – Embracing the weirdness of the world (9/10)
PC WORLD: Control review: So good, you might finally stop asking for Alan Wake 2 (4.5/5)
POLYGON: Control review: a technical marvel, and an artistic achievement 
PRESS START: Control Review - Remedy's Best Mystery Yet (9.5/10)
PSU: Control PS4 Review (7/10)
SCREEN RANT: Control Review: Weirder Than Usual (4.5/5)
SLANT: Control Serves Up Mind-Bending Thrills and Institutional Critique (4.5/5)
SPIEL TIMES: Control — Spoiler-Free Review + Nvidia RTX Comparisons (10/10)
STEVIVOR: Control Review: Remedy's Altering Worlds (10/10)
THE ESCAPIST: Control – Review in 3 Minutes
THE NEXT WEB: Review: Control is the X-Files-style Metroidvania I’ve always wanted
THE SIXTH AXIS: Control Review, Losing Control (9/10)
THE VERGE: Control Is A Brilliant Supernatural Thriller With Hints of Metroid
TWEAK TOWN: Control Review: Remedy Unleashed (95%)
TWINFINITE: Control Review – Missed Potential (3.5/5)
VG247: Remedy is in top form with a mind-bending shooter that plays like a dream 
WCCFTECH: Control Review – Full-on Paranatural Remedy Metroidvania Action (8/10)
WE GOT THIS COVERED: Control Review (2/5)
WORTH PLAYING: PC Review - 'Control' (8.10)
XBOX ACHIEVEMENTS: Control Review (8.5/10)

Added 3rd September:

CBR Review: The Weird World of Control Totally Works
COG CONNECTED Control Video Review - Remedy's Best Yet (89/100)
DREAD CENTRAL  Control Review – Shatters Reality And Your Expectations (4.5/5)
GAMERVW Control | Review – An Exceptional Extranormal Experience (10/10)
HARDCORE GAMER Review: Control (4/5)
INDIA TODAY Control review: A game so thrilling that it brings out goosebumps
NERD REACTOR Review: Remedy’s Control is weirdly insane (4/5)
REMOTE PLAY Control (PS4) - Review
SHACKNEWS Control review: Hiss Hiss, bang bang
THE GUARDIAN Control review – a preposterous and unforgettable adventure (4/5)
WASHINGTON POST A space-warping sci-fi game with much to like but not a lot to love
WIRED Control Is a Paranoiac's Dream Turned Into a Videogame

Additional articles evaluating the game:

EUROGAMER Control PC: a vision for the future of real-time rendering?
GOOMBA STOMP Remedy’s ‘Control’ Ending, Explained
KOTAKU Control’s Hidden Puppet Show Is A Horror Masterpiece
KOTAKU I Should Stop Quitting Games At Boss Fights


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