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14th August 2019
Fifth Episode of What Is Control Out Now!
Episode 05: Searching For the Truth

We're less than two weeks away from the launch of Control now and as we're quickly approaching the big day and Gamescom, 505Games and Remedy have published the fifth episode of their "What Is Control" series. In this latest episode, they explore the allies that Jesse encounters in her journey to contain the Hiss.

Like its predecessors, this new episode, described by the studios as "spoiler-free", aims to provide a brief overlook of the upcoming adventure, in a short but snappy minute-long clip.

Check out the full episode below and stay tuned for more episodes soon!

Transcription: On your journey through the Oldest House, you will encounter allies amongst the waves of hostile forces. These allies will provide guidance, in a bid to help you navigate through the labyrinth. "Congratulations on your appointment, Director Faden." And unveil the truth of justice past, the FBC, and the mysterious origins of the Hiss. Control. Available August 27th. Pre-order now.


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