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25th July 2019
Influencers Take Centre Stage In New Barbican Centre [London Press Event] Throwback Video

Back in May, Remedy and 505Games invited a select number of influencers and journalists from Europe to explore the Oldest House in a special pre-E3 look at the game. The event was held in my home city, at the Barbican Centre in north London, one of the UK's most well-known brutalist buildings, which complemented the design seen in Control.

Today, the studios have posted an interview with one of the Twitch streamer, Lara Loft, who gave her impressions on the game. You can check out her two-minute teaser below:

Attending the event were Brooke Maggs (Narrative Designer at Remedy), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director at Remedy), Thomas Puha (Communications Director), Vida Starčević (Community Manager) and Lucas Liaskos (Brand Community Manager at 505Games). If you missed the previews and interviews from the event, you can catch up with them on our wrap-post, HERE


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