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20th July 2019
Redhill Games Raises $11.4 Million in Funding

Earlier this month, Redhill Games raised $11.4 million in funding from investors led by Makers Fund and Play Ventures, with fiancing from Kowloon Nights.

The funding raised will go into further development of their first game and additional company structuring such as additional staff. While they're keeping their future plans a secret, they've teased what the team has been working on, a free-to-play co-op, tactical shooter different to any other game on the market. The title is currently being soft-launched in Finland and Canada, with an expected launch next year.

Interested? You can follow the studio on Facebook and Twitter.

The studio is packed with familiar names including Matias Myllyrinne (former CEO at Remedy), Miloš Jeřábek (former Production Developer at Remedy), Mikko Uromo (former Technical Director at Remedy) and Ville Assinen (former Concept Artist at Remedy).

Redhill Games consists of a talented team of nineteen (at time of writing) from across Europe, and a dog!

Redhill is currently hiring for the following roles: Animator, Community Lead, Community Manager (EU), Concept Artist, Game Programmer, Lead Character Artist, Lead QA, Level Designer, Monetization Designer, Senior Backend Programmer. If you're interested, check out their listings, HERE


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