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13th July 2019
IGN UK Podcast #495 [Control & Man of Medan]

On Friday, Simon Cardy (Video Producer at IGN), Alex Simmons (Editor-In-Chief at IGN), and Joe Skrebels (Deputy Editor at IGN) published their latest podcast (episode #495) in which they talked about Control and Man of Medan.

The (mature) podcast lasts almost eighty minutes, and also tackles topics such as Nintendo Switch Lite, Modern Warfare's new mode "Gunfight", Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and deck-building games.

In their section covering Remedy's upcoming game, they talk more in-depth about what they experienced during their eight-hour preview including the mysterious Ahti, environmental storytelling, fiction blending into reality, technical improvements over the past three years, and the FBC. They also clarified that their IGN First coverage has also been careful not to reveal too much about the game ahead of its release, and that the details mentioned in the preview come from the first thirty minutes of the game.

You can see listen to the full podcast, HERE


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