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6th June 2019
Into the Pixel Art Exhibit To Feature Two Pieces of Control Artwork

This week, the winners of the fifteenth Into The Pixel art competition were announced, with Control artwork claiming two of the eleven spots!

Into the Pixel is an annual event, run by The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), which opens alongside E3, at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. Winners of the competition go on to have their artwork celebrated in a special exhibit celebrating artists in the games industry. After holding a prestige place at E3, the artwork is later auctioned on Ebay with the proceeds going towards the AIAS Foundation which aims to "advance a sustainable, inclusive worldwide interactive entertainment community through education, professional development, and collaboration."

Mold-1. Artwork by Oliver Ödmark (Senior Concept Artist at Remedy). Image from Into The Pixel.

Their 2019 lineup features a range of excellent pieces, including two pieces of Control concept art.
The first is called The Hub, an in-game screenshot (and only screenshot selected in the line-up) credited to Remedy's Art Department. The artwork will be familiar to fans, as it has been used several times in promotional material having been one of the early released glimpses of the game. The second piece is entitled Mold-1 by Oliver Ödmark (Senior Concept Artist at Remedy); a previously unseen piece showcasing potentially one of the mysterious entities that Jesse will face in her mission to reclaim the FBC.

This year marks the second year that artwork from one of Remedy's titles have been showcased, with the first featuring Ville Assinen's The Night Piece from Quantum Break.

Also included in the list of winners are for 2019: John Liberto (Astroneer), Lee Petty (RAD), Dave Guertin (Stormland), José Cabrera (God of War), Valentin Seiche (Samurai Gunn 2), Ahmed Aldoori & Wizards of the Coast (Valor's Reach), John Powell (Ghost of Tsushima), Krist Miha (Apoc), and Mingchen Shen (Hearts of Valor)

In the press release, posted alongside the winners, Stanley Pierre-Louis, CEO of the ESA stated, “ITP showcases some of the best visionaries of our industry. These are remarkable examples of creativity and artistry. Each piece embodies the spirit of innovation, interaction, and storytelling – the hallmarks of our industry.” It's a fantastic lineup, so if you're at E3 this year, don't forget to keep an eye out for the exhibit!

Source: TwinfiniteKotaku, and Into The Pixel.


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