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2nd June 2019
Alan Wake Series Has 69% Price Reduction in GOG's Summer Sale Festival

With Summer fast approaching, the time for the sales has begun! This week, GOG is celebrating the change of season and the very much appreciated warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere with a Summer Sale Festival!

The sale sees over two thousand titles get a significant price reduction including two community favourites; Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Both Remedy titles are currently 65% off and come with additional goodies!

If you purchase Alan Wake through GOG, you unlock: the manual (of course!), wallpapers, the Alan Wake Files book, Making Of... documentary, Writer In The Cabin videos, Night Spring episodes, and Poets of the Fall's music video of War.

If you purchase Alan Wake's American Nightmare through GOG, you unlock: the American Nightmare Night Springs episodes, wallpapers, developer diary series, and avatars.

There are also plenty of daily flash sales with further price reductions, so if you're looking for a new game, check out their sale!

Source: GOG's Twitter.


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