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27th May 2019
505Games Looking for Content Creators at E3 for Control

A little while ago, 505Games' Influencer Relations, Nelstar, tweeted a call out to all E3-attending content creators who are interested in checking out Control at the even next month!

The tweet was not only for creators looking to try out Remedy's upcoming title but also for those interested in getting further exclusive glimpses at Typhoon Studios' Journey to the Savage Planet and Magnus Games Studio's Re:Legend. If you're attending the show and interested in trying out the games, make sure to respond to Nelstar via his tweet as soon as possible as spaces are filling up!

It looks like 505Games have pre-set guidelines on the type of website/channel/outlet they're hoping to showcase the games on, so best of luck to anyone applying and hopefully, we will be able to check out your brilliant content soon.


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