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5th April 2019
Community Shoutouts / Quantum Break Edition!
[Celebrating Quantum Break's 3rd Anniversary]

To close out our day-long celebrations, I wanted to write a post about some of the amazing fan activity that has kept the Quantum Break community alive, from fan fiction to artwork, cosplays, and a lot more. Even three years after the game launched, the community is still going strong with brand new creations posted every week.

We saw new and amazing hubs being founded. Joining us was the incredible ComunidadRemedy run by Fran who curated an informative site for the Spanish Remedy community. I was so excited to see him attend a Quantum Break press event ahead of the game's launch and enjoyed reading his exclusive coverage of the early glimpse.

Another fellow fansite owner who I want to give a shoutout to is Patrick from PayneReactor whose Quantum Break hub featured everything from regular news updates to exclusive interviews. His conversation with composer, Petri Alanko especially is a fantastic read. 

Around the game's launch, Monarch-Solutions was established on Tumblr, which continues to be one of the largest Remedy groups on the platform. Charlie, Erika and all of the mods do a stunning job at keeping it alive with regular content and updates. 

Fan Projects. Away from Monarch-Solutions, Charlie has created incredible artwork over the years, growing so much as an artist, and constantly adding to his impressive portfolio. On top of that, he has also founded a Quantum Break community Discord server for like-minded fans. And Erika who writes her own amazing fan fiction expanding on Jack and Beth's relationship. 

There's also been a ton of gorgeous artwork from Evil_Owl_Loki, Melissa (Instagram), Katerina03roku (Tumblr), AleooCarla (Twitter), SaikkunenGoblinightxChibixxNessunoY59ShentartBeaVengaThe-Solar-Surfer, HGW27, AcedhampirBlu_Flame, Fraser, rmilo and howardova. As well as videos from Gamermd83 and VincenteProD. Plus atmospheric screenshots by Erika T and DeadEndThrills.

The Devs. Of course, I also wanted to give a shoutout to some of the amazing devs at the studio who also kept in touch with fans online and helped curate a wonderful community throughout and after the game's development. These include Lauri Haavisto (now Senior Manager of Investor & Talent Relations at Remedy), Juho Jousmäki (now at RedHill Games), Oskari Häkkinen (now at FutureFly) and Thomas Puha who formed the studio's Media Unit throughout the six years of development. And to Josh Stein (now at Mixer) who handled community stuff on the Microsoft side! To also Sam Lake, Cam Rogers (now at Digital Extremes) and Mikko Rautalahti (now at Ctrl Alt Ninja) who not only wrote amazing stories but was a significant part of the community, as were Petri Alanko and Lennie Hakola. And thank you to all of the developers who worked hard over six years to bring the project to life! 


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