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22nd April 2019
International Control Press Tour [Updated 5/5]
[Reports From USA, Croatia, Finland, England, France, Germany]

This past month, the marketing team at Remedy has been travelling across the globe to talk to media outlets about their upcoming title, Control. We've written about some of those trips including their journey to America to attend the PAX East convention in Boston as well as to California to showcase the game at GDC. But I wanted to create a hub to collect all of the recent international press and to break down local events.

So far there's been press events in California (USA), Boston (USA), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Helsinki (Finland), London (England), Paris (France) and Hamburg (Germany). While this isn't a complete list yet, more articles and interviews will be added as soon as they're posted or found.

Here's everything we know so far: 

18-22nd March - Games Developer Conference GDC [California, USA]

- Control: Hands-on preview from GDC 2019
- Feature: My GDC Impressions Of Control 
- Hands-on with Control: Weird, unsettling, and Remedy's best-playing game since MP2
     [PC World]
- Control is a Delightfully Strange Shooter with Outstanding Telekinesis Noises
     [Rock Paper Shotgun]

- Developers Talk Film Influences, Photo Mode, and The Oldest House 

28-31st March - PAX East [Boston, USA]

Control Preview - PAX East 2019 Gameplay and Impressions
     [Hansome Phantom]
PAX EAST 2019: Control Video Preview
     [Irrational Passions]
Control Preview - Our First Impressions 
PAX East 2019 Interviews: Control
     [Super Deformed Gamescast]

Hands On: Control
Control Hands-On - Remedy's Next Game Is Easy to, uh, Control
PAX East 2019 Day 3 Previews: Control, Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy Forever...

Control More "Open-Ended and "Sandboxy" Than Quantum Break 
"We were working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and it just didn’t pan out” 
“No, we’re not pivoting away from single-player games,” 

11-13th April - Reboot Develop Blue [Dubrovnik, Croatia]

- Quick Chat With Reboot Develop Speakers [Reboot Develop Blue] at 22mins

 Early April - Remedy Studios [Espoo, Finland]

Kymmenien miljoonien satsaus toteutuu elokuussa – pelaatteko uhkapeliä, Remedy?
Suomen pelialalla osaajapula – tekijöitä pitää rekrytoida maailmalta
Työ pelitalossa vaatii vahvaa intohimoa ja pitkiä päiviä: ”Ei taidetta tehdä yhdeksästä viiteen”

- [Newly Added] Control event | Preview event in Espoo, Finland | PS4
     [PlayStation Nordic]
Control: 13 Minuti Di Gameplay In Anteprima Con Commento In Italiano
     [] [Italian]
Tälläinen On Suomalainen Jättipeli Control 
     [Yle Kioski GAMING] [Finnish]

15-16th April - Barbican Centre [London, England] 

Remedy's Next Game is a More Supernatural Quantum Break

Control Hands On Review
Control - Hands-On Impressions
     [GameReactor UK]
Control Sees Remedy At The Height Of Their Supernatural Powers 
     [The Sixth Axis]
- Remedy’s Control is Like a More Supernatural Quantum Break
     [XBOX Achievements]
‘Control’ Showcases Single-Player Specialist Remedy Ent Celebrating Its Strengths
- Remedy Entertainment’s Mind-Bending Shooter Could Be One Of The Year’s Best
     [Trusted Reviews]
- Hands-on with Control, Remedy's most ambitious game yet
     [PC Gamer]
- Remedy’s Supernatural Superhero Simulator Is A Surreal Delight
     [Daily Star]
Control Is An Interesting Psychic-Puzzle Shooter That We Still Don’t Know Much About
     [The Sun]
[Newly Added] Control demo hands on preview: Paranormal action thriller shows great promise

16th April - [Paris, France]  

- Control: On A Enfin Joué Au Nouvaeu Jeu De Remedy, Et C'est Prometteur 
     [Jeux Actu]

18th April - [Hamburg, Germany]  

- Control: Termin, Trailer, angespielt – alle Infos!
- Rückkehr Zu Alter Remedy-Stärke?
- Fast keiner beachtet Control. Das ist ein Fehler!


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