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16th April 2019
Watch Remedy's Control Narrative & Gameplay Livestream Here! [Edited To Include YouTube Link]

Yesterday evening, Remedy held a new livestream which tackled the topic of gameplay and narrative in their upcoming title, Control.

There was a last minute change in guests, so the livestream was hosted by the studio's Associate Community Manager, Vida Starčević, and she was joined on camera by Paul Ehreth (Lead Designer), and Clay Murphy (Writer).

You can catch the full broadcast on their channel or below! The livestream was the third broadcast held in the studio's new offices and second Control-themed broadcast. While the Alan Wake livestream is no longer available, you can still watch the previous Control "Wrapping Up 2018" stream on the ControlRemedy YouTube channel.

Normal Twitch viewers can check out the broadcast up to fourteen days after it aired, whereas Twitch Partners and Turbo subscribers can view it up to sixty days after it aired. So if you don't have a membership on the site, you might want to check out the livestream soon.


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