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5th March 2019
Game Informer Reveals Control Cover [April 312] OUT NOW

US-based magazine, Game Informer, has just announced that their April issue will come with an extended feature dedicated to Control, along with a bunch of exclusive Remedy goodness (traditionally released) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the next month.

Recently a group of journalists from the Game Informer offices flew to Remedy to get a never-before-scene look at what the developers have achieved with their latest title, and to talk to some of the individuals who had worked on the game since the beginning. A number of upcoming features were already teased in the trailer on the GI website alongside their gorgeous exclusive artwork which will be covering their April issue.

April Issue / Game Informer Cover
If you're subscribed to the print edition, you should be receiving it in the next few weeks. If you're subscribed to the digital edition (or you live outside of the US), the next issue is available today available PC/Mac, iOS, and Google Play. OR you can buy the issue through third-party apps for the Nook and Kindle later in the week. Further subscription details can be found on the Game Informer site, HERE.

In their cover reveal article, Game Informer also revealed that Control is due to be released this Summer, a more fixed date than previously given.

As the Control content will be strictly exclusive for Game Informer, we will be updating The Sudden Stop with news of new articles or interviews, but all content will be hosted solely on their website, similar to our updates for their Quantum Break coverage a few years earlier.

Read the full announcement on the Game Informer website, HERE


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