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24th March 2019
PayneReactor Celebrates Its Twentieth Anniversary!

Today, we are celebrating an absolutely massive milestone in the Remedy community as PayneReactor turns twenty!

Originally called Insane Payne, the site was created by Kristian Brynie Hollund, during Max Payne's development, back in 1999. To coincide with the game's launch in 2001, it joined with GameReactor, where it changed its name to PayneReactor, a partnership which continued for two years. The site became an independent fansite again shortly before the release Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, but despite the split, the site kept the name PayneReactor in homage to its history. After an amazing fourteen years, its original creator Kristian stepped away from the project, transferring the project over to long-time-co-owner, Patrick Streutjens.

PayneReactor's message celebrating the anniversary

The site has been a pillar in the community, offering detailed information on the Max Payne titles and bringing together the games' community.  Since it changed hands, and given the quietness of the Max Payne series, the site has gone through a reboot. Originally only dedicated to Max Payne, it now focuses on Remedy's entire catalogue as well as story-driven games that RMD fans would be interested in. Six years after taking over full control of the site, Patrick continues to travel to conventions such as Gamescom delivering exclusive coverage to readers, as well as previewing games ahead of release, interviewing members of the Max Payne community involved in incredible projects, and a whole lot more.

I had been in the community for just over a year when PayneReactor's transfer happened, and it's been really fantastic to get to know Patrick and talk to him all these years, especially as he has been around and active in the community for so long. His articles have always been well written, thoughtful, and informative, and away from the site, he has been a supportive friend. I'm so excited to see the site reach this amazing milestone and continue to thrive. Happy Birthday PayneReactor!

Congratulations on the milestone Patrick and Kristian! Thank you for keeping PayneReactor alive and providing an amazing hub for the community. Here's to another twenty! 


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