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23rd March 2019
Max Payne Retrospective Creator, MisterNoLife, Celebrates 250 Subscriber Milestone

This week has been packed with new milestones! In addition to PayneToTheMax's seventh anniversary on Thursday and PayneReactor's twentieth anniversary tomorrow, there's also been another wonderful milestone in the community this week with MisterNoLife gaining over 250 subscribers on YouTube.

A familiar account in the Remedy community, MisterNoLife has been writing, editing and publishing a number of Max Payne retrospectives over the past several months. These documentaries delve deep into the development history and evaluate how the games have aged over the years.

As a friend, it's been seriously great to see his work get the recognition it deserves, especially knowing how much time and effort it takes to put those videos together. (Even after writing about the developmental history of Remedy's games, I'm exhausted, and I don't need to make a video after the writing is done!)

A major congratulations to MisterNoLife on the milestone! I look forward to learning more about some of my favourite titles in the future.


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