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13th March 2019
New Details About Jesse's Service Weapon Revealed
[Game Informer Coverage] Includes Summary

In a new interview, Game Informer talks to Control's Lead Designer, Paul Ehreth, and Narrative Designer, Brooke Maggs, about Jesse's service weapon, a device which she inherits in her role as the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control.

As with our previous coverage, we have a breakdown of all the new details released about Control in the latest feature. But of course, if you have time, you should check out the interview in full, HEREThe interview is approximately six minutes in length and playable on the Game Informer website.

Following their Control-themed April cover reveal, Game Informer is dedicating the following month to the game with exclusives, interviews and new footage being released throughout March. The latest issue is out now and is available to download or buy (if you're in the US) as a physical magazine. For more details on the magazine visit the subscription page, HERE.

Our Breakdown: At the start of the game, Jesse will inherit her service-weapon, an old device which has assumed multiple forms over the course of directors, and which has now chosen her. While players will only have the one weapon throughout the entire game, the weapon can transform into a number of different machines.

As Jesse improves and strengthens her abilities, she will also gain new weapon forms. Four of these forms were discussed in detail during the interview; Grip (the weapon's default setting, almost like a revolver), Shatter (ideal at close range, almost like a shotgun), Spin (rapid-fire, best for mid-range) and Pierce (which can shoot through cover and potentially multiple enemies). While there are a number of forms that the weapon can take, only two of them can be selected to be switched to quickly during combat sequences. 

In addition to the weapon forms, "mods" can also be added to impact weapon stats, for instance, improving range or dealing more damage. It's in these modifiers that players can tailor the combat to fit their own style.  

While enemy shields are best dealt with by Jesse's supernatural powers, the core enemy health is most impacted by her weapon. Both powers and ammo will need time to recharge though, so the player must also take into consideration cool down moments, but ammo will recharge significantly longer than Jesse's powers


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