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26th February 2019
Remedy Unveils GDC 2019 Plans & Lectures
[Plus Contact Details for Partnered Steamers Looking to Feature Control]

Yesterday, Remedy announced their plans for the Game Developer Conference held next month!

GDC is a game conference for game developers to learn more about their craft and to spread ideas. This time the studio is looking to hire new faces (check out their open positions!) and to teach some of the things that they’ve learnt in recent years following Quantum Break.

The developers will be travelling from the chilly Espoo to the significantly warmer  San Francisco to provide a series of lectures covering a range of different topics from the technical side to the design.

GDC will take place between 18th - 22nd March 2019 and will be held in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. You can view more information about the conference through their website, HERE.

On Tuesday 19th March, there are two Remedy-based talks taking place:

ML Tutorial Day: Simple Head Pose Estimation for Dialogue Wheels 
    Lecturer: Antti Herva (Lead Character Technical Artist)

Official Description: Antti Herva, Lead Character Technical Artist at Remedy Entertainment, will be presenting a simple machine learning project with the goal of helping animators liven up dialogue wheel interactions for an upcoming game project. Topics covered in this session include an introduction on performance capture, understanding and reasoning about image data, selecting image features and machine learning models, annotating data, training a neural network and finally evaluating the results.
Location: Room 303, South Hall
Time: Tuesday 19th March / 1:20pm - 2:20pm
Find more information about this lecture, here! 

Technical Artist Bootcamp: “Understanding Constraints: A Framework for Tech Art Decision Making” & “Tech Art at Scale: Supporting 2,000 Users”
     Lecturer: [Joint Session] Alexander Zotikov (Technical Artist, Remedy), Luiz Kruel (Senior Tech Artist, SideFX Software)
Official Description: The first step to making any decision in a technical art pipeline is to identify constraints. Every game has varying requirements, employees of different backgrounds and cultures, and technical limitations that must be taken into consideration. To effectively make decisions, you must collaborate with stakeholders, communicate effectively, and validate your assumptions. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day problem solving without recognizing bad practices or patterns in the bigger picture. By highlighting practical examples, this talk will help you identify the constraints that affect your projects and steps you can take to make decisions that will expand technical opportunities in the future. [“Understanding Constraints: A Framework for Tech Art Decision Making”]
Location: Room 3004, West Hall
Time: Tuesday 19th March / 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Find more information about this lecture, here! 

Remedy’s Costume Designer, Help Salomaa is taking to the stage on Wednesday and exploring the importance of a role that is extremely rare in the industry:

Costume In Games: Integrating a Costume Designer into the Character Pipeline
     Lecturer: Heli Salomaa
Official Description: This session demonstrates the design process of creating costumes for the characters in Remedy Entertainment's 'Control'. The case presents ways to integrate a professional costume designer into the character art pipeline in games that aim for a realistic art style.
Location: Room 2016, West Hall
Time: Wednesday 20th March / 10:30am - 11:00am
Find more information about this lecture, here! 

Last year, it was announced that Remedy’s latest title, Control would include DirectX Raytracing, which will make the game even more gorgeous for PC gamers with the Nvidia GeForce 20 Series. On the 19th, there will be a sponsored three-hour tutorial breaking down DirectX Raytracing in an introductory lecture:

Introduction to DirectX Raytracing [3-Hour Tutorial Session]
     Lecturers: Chris Wyman, Adam Marrs, and Juha Sjoholm
Official Description: Are there rules for designing games that no one has told you yet? As the craft of game design matures, there's a lot of established best practices that most people agree on. But some of the most unique designers have their own sets of game design techniques that are not common knowledge. In this talk, you get to find out what they are. The popular Rules of the Game session returns for GDC 2019 to invite five more veteran designers to talk for ten minutes each about a technique they use that sets them apart from common design practices. The aim of this session is to keep each lecture as advanced and technical as possible, diving right into the details of what makes a given "rule" work. Whether you agree or disagree with the techniques presented, they're sure to get you thinking about game design in entirely new ways.
Location: Room 153, South Hall
Time: Tuesday 19th March / 2:40pm - 5:40pm
Find more information about this lecture, here! 

Updated 26/3/2019 [21:16] If you're a partnered steamer heading to GDC, whether you're on Facebook Gaming, Mixer, Twitch or YouTube, and you're hoping to get an exclusive glimpse at Control, make sure to reach out to Nelstar, Influencer Relations at 505Games:


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