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30th January 2019
Saku Lehtinen To Speak At Develop Reboot Blue 2019

Remedy's Art Director, Saku Lehtinen joins the list of speakers, along with CEO Tero Virtala, for Reboot Develop Blue this April.

Saku was recently announced among a list of twenty new speakers including Warren Spector (Studio Director at OtherSide Entertainment), Leigh Alexander (Narrative Director), Youichiro Miyake (Lead AI Researcher at Square Enix), Matt Conte (Head of Developer Relations Engineering at Oculus), and Luis Villegas (Director of Services and Infrastructure at Bungie).

Reboot Develop is set to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia between 11th-13th April. The upcoming conference will mark the sixth year of the event, and sees a "total name and logo rebranding"; with the Blue event taking place in Dubrovnik (Croatia) and the Red event taking place in Banff (Canada) during the autumn. This year, it's expected that visitor numbers will increase beyond 2000 game industry employees from more than eight hundred companies.

Check out Reboot Develop Blue's full list of speakers on its website, HERE


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