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11th January 2019
New CROSSFIRE HD Operation Frost Trailer Launches!

Today, Remedy and Smilegate revealed the first glimpse of the single player campaign from CROSSFIRE HD, titled Operation Frost, in a brand new trailer posted across social media.

The latest video targets gamers in China with the country being the first to try the game in an open beta, published by Tencent. Clips of the single player (PvE, Player verses Environment) mode appears with clips of the multiplayer experience in new trailer, teasing the overall experience players can expect from the title.

Along with the new video, Remedy also teased that Operation Frost consists of three episodes.

Remedy's collaboration with Smilegate was initially announced on 27th July 2016, revealed during the CrossFire Vision Summit in Shanghai. Work on the title concluded in 2018 for Remedy, who later announced an extension of their partnership with the South Korea-based studio in October the same year.


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