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6th December 2018
Community Creations: Kristy's Seasonal Artwork
[Advent Calendar 2018]

In the lead up to Christmas, I wanted to spotlight some amazing artists in the community who have created some gorgeous and festive Remedy artwork over the years. First up, I wanted to talk about about Kristy Seddon, a lovely artist and writer living in Australia.

Kristy has been in the Remedy community for years, predominately as an artist but also as as owner of an Alan Wake role-playing channel on Tumblr, and as an administrator for the AW community Discord. She is a multi-talented individual who has created over 200 glowing pieces of Remedy artwork. For this post, there's a festive few that I wanted to spotlight.

While I love all of her artwork, her seasonal ones have a special place in my heart as they have the perfect amount of silliness for the occasion while keeping the snark that Alan is known for. Her use of colours is also on point with festive hues complementing the darker look of the game.

Kristy has her art portfolio available on deviantArt and Facebook, but lately she has been focusing on a different craft.
Away from her activities with the Remedy community, she is also a writer, creating titles under her nom de plume, Clara Wake. This year, what started as a NaNaWriMo project became a professionally edited and published book, turning her dream of becoming a writer into a reality with A Modern Myth.  In an interview posted in late 2017, she spoke about her drive, "I believe I’ve always wanted to [become an author] since I started writing. I was always praised for my creative writing, but I dismissed and even ignored it – even when I felt so happy to get compliments about it – I focused too much on my art growing up. While it was my coping mechanism for bullying and everything else, I completely forgot about my writing. It’s been there for years, and like I said I shoved it aside, for art; thinking that was my passion – while it still is – I’ve found it in writing as well, so I pushed myself last year to truly make it a reality." She is currently writing her second book, with its placeholder title, War of One. You can follow her writing progress on her Facebook page, Clara Wake.


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